Custom Wet Floor Signs: 4 Benefits To Your Brand

When you think of a brand, you probably think of visual appeal and unique design elements that help your company stand out in a crowded marketing world. 

You probably don’t think about wet floor signs

But did you know that this utilitarian safety product can become part of your branding? Safety signs don’t have to be generic. In fact, they can serve the important purpose of alerting customers to wet floors or other common safety issues while still maintaining brand consistency in your office or retail space. 

Although there are generic options on the market today, custom safety signage — even though it exists to meet a practical need — can help you maintain a consistent, high-quality brand. 

4 Ways Custom Signage Benefits Your Brand

1.) It cements your brand image. 

    Most businesses are already aware of the importance of brand consistency. Using the right typefaces, color palettes, and logo elements across your entire brand helps potential customers recognize your brand. It also demonstrates your professionalism and attention to detail, which establishes trust in your brand. 

    But perhaps you’ve never considered safety and directional signs as a part of your brand. It’s common to overlook this piece of the puzzle — but choosing to print custom wet floor signs and safety signs is just one more way to be consistent in your branding. 

    2.) It provides passive marketing.

      Depending on the location of your wet floor and safety signs, you might be able to market your brand to new audiences with the simple use of practical signage. It’s always beneficial to promote your brand to potential clients without dipping into marketing and advertising budgets. 

      This example from a recent project shows the combination of practical information and quality branding. Travelers at the Los Angeles Airport are reminded to watch their step, keeping them safe — but they’re also reminded that there’s a nearby Marriott to stay in on future trips. 

      3.) It can be customized to fit your needs.

        If you have a specific message to convey, generic safety and directional signs won’t fit the bill. On the other hand, custom signs can incorporate your brand and provide tailored messaging that tells your audience exactly what you need them to know. You can even write the copy in your brand voice so that the entire custom project looks and sounds like you.

        The signs we printed for LUMA Hotel in San Francisco show the beauty of a practical sign created by an outstanding brand. 

        4.) It blends practicality with aesthetic appeal. 

          Safety signs can be eye-catching in all the wrong ways sometimes. If you’ve found generic wet floor signs to clash with your brand colors or style, custom sign solutions can blend beautifully in your space without sacrificing safety. 

          You can design a wet floor sign or other safety sign that catches viewers’ attention without block letters or bright yellow cones. Just take a look at this design — the blue background and the cautionary logo warn those walking by about the wet floor. And of course, these colors and typefaces fit perfectly into our client’s brand. 

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