Four Different Types of Reception Area Signs & Why They’re Valuable

First impressions are important, especially when trying to make a positive and lasting impression on potential customers or clients. 

While you can’t get a second chance to make a first impression, there’s one simple way to ensure your guests are impressed each time they visit your business’ reception area. An effective method to ‘wow’ your visitors is through reception area signage. 

There are several reasons why signage in your reception area is beneficial to your business. These types of signs provide various options and styles to create a look that puts your brand’s best foot forward. 

Three  Reasons Why Lobby Signage is Valuable

1. Business Identity

The first and most obvious reason for displaying signage in your lobby is so guests can easily identify your business. Simplifying the process for locating your business makes customers more likely to recommend your business to someone in the future. 

2. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most difficult to achieve and the one of the best ways to market your product or company. Word of mouth is an organic approach to generating conversations about your business that drives foot traffic back to your company in the long run.

Being able to easily locate their destination with bold signage leaves guests satisfied with their experience from the beginning. A positive experience will incline potential customers to share their feedback with others. 

3. Brand Building

Having your business name or slogan displayed in your reception area is an opportunity to compliment your brand. Businesses with a strong brand are more likely to be remembered and recognized. When your signage aligns with your company’s brand, your customers begin to think of your business more often.

People recognize a brand through visuals, experiences, and logos. The better they can remember your business through things like signs and easy accessibility, the more likely they are to return and eventually become a loyal customer. 

Four Types of Reception Area Signage 

1. Dimensional Signs

One of the most popular types of signs for a waiting space in an office is dimensional signs, logos and letters. These signs are classic, upscale, and completely customizable. 

There are many materials to choose from, such as fabricated and cast metal to flat cut and molded plastics. Many of these same materials, plus metals and plastics can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

2. Wall Murals and Wraps

Other great options to consider for your lobby space are wall murals and wraps. These allow for unlimited colors and designs giving you ultimate creative freedom and can cover an entire wall or partial wall. 

The beauty of this type of sign is that you have the option for it to be made removable or permanent. Photo Tex, used by Optima Signs and Graphics, is 100% polyester custom printable wall fabric. This means that it can be removed without damage to the surface for up to 10 years after the initial application. 

Wall murals can also be applied to various surfaces, indoors and outdoors. With so much flexibility in the design that can go on a wall mural, this makes them great for including additional brand elements like store hours, your company’s mission statement, products, and upcoming events.

3. Custom Cut Vinyl Signs

If you’re not looking to go as big as a full wall wrap, but still wanting flexibility in the design options, custom cut vinyl may be the best choice for you. Using a cut vinyl still allows you to customize your space with your logo and brand elements, but on a smaller scale. This type of sign is often used for simple graphics or texts. 

4. Panel Signage 

Panel signage is another popular option for a company’s reception space. These are commonly seen on the wall behind the receptionist, creating immediate brand recognition upon entering a business. 

One benefit to this type of signage is that it’s easy to move and relocate. This is a good option for businesses that want to transition or rotate multiple signs, either seasonally or are just updating an outdated sign. 

An additional feature of panel signage is that it comes in various shapes, and isn’t limited to a traditional rectangle. Panel signs can be cut into circles, ovals or cut to the shape of your logo, giving you flexibility to match your brand.

Choosing the Best Signage for Your Location 

The first thing your customers will notice when they walk intoin to your business is your signage. Greeting your guests with a great first impression with your lobby signage improves your likelihood for success. 

There are many reasons to have signage in your reception area and even more options to help you achieve what works best in the desired space. 

If you’re looking to enhance your lobby area and create a lasting impression on your clientele, reach out to Optima Signs & and Graphics to set up a consultation to find out more about what options are the best for you. 

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