How The Right Signs Can Grow Your Business

It’s a new year, and you’re probably thinking about how you can grow your business. Did you know that quality signs could be the best way to start? No matter what kind of business you’re hoping to grow this year, good signs can help. 

If you own a brick-and-mortar shop, it might be time to refresh your exterior with signage that catches the eye of potential customers. If you set up a booth at trade shows, local markets, or expos, you need durable banners that travel well. If you have company cars, vans, or trucks, vehicle graphics can help you make your brand visible all around town!  

What makes a “good sign?” As it turns out, you need four things: 

  • visual appeal
  • consistent branding
  • quality materials
  • the right fit. 

Here’s why these things matter when creating quality signage for your business.

4 Ways Good Signage Helps Your Business 

  1. Visual appeal boosts brand trust. 

Have you ever driven by a storefront or logged onto a website and felt confused — or worse, visually repulsed? Bad signage leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Instead, you want potential customers to be intrigued by your brand. When your sign has visual appeal, they’re more likely to remember it when they need what you have to offer. 

Additionally, audiences associate quality signage with a quality company. On average, potential customers only need seven seconds to decide about a retailer. In that time, they likely have not yet spoken to you. They also haven’t had a chance to interact meaningfully with your products or services. That means they’re making their decision based on visuals. 

If you want to grow your business and build brand trust, it’s the perfect time to invest in signs that appeal to your ideal customers before they even say “hello” for the first time. 

  1. Consistent branding helps in marketing efforts. 

Marketing is a string that connects you to your customers. It draws them in until they reach their goal: purchasing your product or booking your service! If you want your marketing efforts to go further, make sure to implement consistent branding across your business — and yes, that includes your signage. 

Think of it this way: if clients see an ad for your company on social media, they’re being introduced to your official branding. Then, if they drive down the street the following week and see the same branding on a storefront, they’re already making a valuable connection. 

When they enter your store, they might find matching interior signage, from floor graphics to sidewalk signs to labels on each of your gift bags. All of this connects your customer to your brand, putting your marketing to work for you. 

  1. Quality signs save you money over time.

It’s true that you can find signs at just about any price point. But in reality, choosing the cheapest option can actually become a bigger expense over time. When you invest in quality signs, you’re opting for value over cost, which can save you time and money in the long run. 

Quality signs are made with quality materials, which means that your sign will last longer, especially with proper care and positioning. If you buy a temporary banner annually instead of installing a permanent exterior sign that will last year after year, your total cost will be higher – not to mention the hassle of repeated reinstallation! 

When you work with a sign shop like Optima Signs & Graphics, you can get expert advice about how to get the best quality sign within your budget. 

  1. Ordering the right sign makes all the difference.

Even if a sign has visual appeal, a consistent brand, and quality materials, it might not help your business grow if it’s not the right sign for you. At Optima Signs & Graphics, we help customers in the Atlanta area and beyond create signage solutions that truly work. 

We’ll help you bring your signage dreams to life by recommending the proper materials for your needs, from vinyl banners to aluminum signs. Using our decades of experience in signage and design, we can also help you select the right colors, styles, and sign sizes to guarantee the right fit for your business. 

If you’re ready to invest in signs that will serve your business well in 2024, Optima Signs & Graphics is here to help. Contact us for a quote or get started with your design online today

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