The Latest Trends in Sign and Banners in 2022

Could you imagine if sign and banner trends came and went as fast as fashion trends? As much as it can be tempting to keep the same sign and banner for as long as possible, it’s crucial to stay on top of current trends with your branding.

Think of how often you have chosen something because it was more appealing to the eye, even if the branding had nothing to do with the product. That is because we choose things for aesthetic appeal.

The signage industry is no exception. Businesses need to keep up with marketing and advertising trends because this is how they’ll retain customers and generate business growth.

If you’re looking to rebrand or update your signage, here are the latest trends in 2022 for signs and banners.

Minimalist, but with a splash of color

Don’t get me wrong, minimalism is still in and is a beautiful concept, but we just get to add color now! It’s time to ditch the black text on white background. Obviously, if that’s your thing- go for it! But it doesn’t have to lack color to be minimalist.

For many things, black and white work well together. But when it comes to signs and banners, many people find that they look boring. Instead, design a clean and uncluttered look with natural colors and simple shapes and designs.

How many times are you driving by and aren’t able to read a sign in its entirety? Remember not to overwhelm your banner with too many words. Keeping the verbiage light and simple. Adding subtle and earthy tones will allow your product to speak for itself and project an image of simplicity and style without sacrificing color.


Remember how high-waisted shorts and wallpaper made a comeback? We love to be nostalgic here in the states, and it was especially heightened during the pandemic. Nostalgia provides a feeling of safety and comfort because it can feel so familiar.

Retro style especially made a comeback. Maybe it was binge-watching old sitcoms or the desire to socialize and go back out in public. Whatever it was, retro is the new trend of 2022. So, when considering your new banner or sign, don’t be afraid to incorporate bold and vivid colors along unique design elements. If this is a little bold for your taste, stick to the earthy tones I mentioned in the minimalist trend above.

Traditional fonts

Believe it or not, font is everything. Well, almost everything. It is essential to pick an easy-to-read yet appealing font to have on your sign. Serif fonts are especially in because they’re traditional, established, and trustworthy.

Remember how much we love familiarity? Hopefully, you’re starting to see a trend here. Serif fonts may seem dated, but that’s exactly what’s appealing about them in 2022! They are simple and clean fonts that use small perpendicular lines at the beginning and end of each letter for an old-fashioned yet sophisticated look.

This is the perfect font to use to grab attention in a subtle yet classic way.

Monochromatic Colors

Different color hues are in, and guess what? They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Take advantage of this long-lasting trend when it comes to designing your sign or banner. Use color gradients to incorporate your brand’s colors as this will make your sign look creative and put together. The best monochromatic schemes use at least three colors. This will be helpful if you incorporate shapes or designs or multiple phrases so that everything on the sign or banner flows cohesively.


You’ve probably noticed the amount of signage that has been used to help others navigate to specific locations. This is becoming more and more popular as it’s important for companies and retailers to guide customers and clients in the right direction. These can range from arrows on the ground guiding patients to the check-in kiosk, or to the “For Sale” signs throughout the neighborhood that lead to a house that’s on the market. When it’s easier and more convenient to find the destination, people are more enticed to follow through and utilize the specific service.

Special Occasions

We’re all familiar with the old-school “Happy Birthday” string banner, but it’s time to turn things up a notch, and that is exactly what’s happening this year! Making your celebration signs bigger and better is one of the latest trends. Here’s a list of events that are perfect for using signage and banners:

  • Graduation announcements
  • Sporting Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Functions
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Big Sales Events

Personal Goals

Believe it or not, people are more motivated to do things when it’s written down. You might as well make it match your aesthetic!

With things you see every day, like your monthly calendar or your team’s quarterly goals, it’s a good idea to have them in a physical form that is neat and organized. Being able to physically mark things off or put a checkmark on a task that’s been completed has been proven to satisfy the human brain. Our brains thrive off of organization, whether you’re organized or not. This is a great way to be reminded of your daily tasks and goals as well as help you actually achieve them!

When creating the design of your banner or debating on getting a sign made for a special occasion, consider these seven trends that will make sure your sign stands out positively and effectively!

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