Top 6 Unique Sign Designs in 2023 

You may be familiar with “standard” vinyl banners and permanent exterior signs, but they only scratch the surface of the projects we completed in 2023. Our customers came to us with unique jobs of all shapes and sizes, and we had a blast designing and installing solutions for each and every one of them. 

At Optima Signs & Graphics, our aim is to create custom signs worthy of your business and brand—no matter how creative we need to get to accomplish that goal. Here are some of our favorite out-of-the-box projects from this year. 

Our Most Unique Sign Solutions in 2023

1. Custom “Wet Floor” Signs

The Los Angeles Airport Marriott wanted to be certain they protected guests from slips or falls when the weather gets rainy or a spill takes place. They called us to create 40 custom movable signs that they could use throughout the hotel property. We designed and printed them in-house before shipping them cross-country to their new home! 

Most people may only need one or two portable signs, but if you’re looking for a larger quantity, you’re in the right place. We’d love to help you create a sign that works — and we can ship your order directly to you when it’s ready!

2. Magnetic Roster and Record Boards

A local girls’ cross-country team here in Georgia had a good problem—they kept breaking their own records! This school was looking for an innovative way to update its roster and top times from season to season, and one of our newer products provided the perfect solution. Branded magnets aren’t just for vehicles anymore!

We updated all nine of their roster and record boards using a unique magnetic receptive material. While most magnetic systems use a receptive backing board and smaller magnets, this brand (Switch It) offers the reverse—a magnetic board with magnetic-receptive strips to place on it. 

The result? It’s easier than ever to update the boards, and these materials gave the entire space a fresh, updated look. 

3. Halo Lit Dimensional Logo 

We may not offer electrical signage in-house, but don’t let that stop you from finding the perfect sign solution with us! This construction company wanted a halo-lit dimensional logo in their interior lobby, and once we saw the space, we knew we had to find a way. 

Our trusted partner in metal lettering offers halo-lit cast metal options, so we coordinated with them to bring this dream to life. They manufactured the lit logo and then shipped everything to us for a custom installation. 

This may have been our first halo-lit install, but we bet it won’t be the last! Our team loved the finished product—and so did our clients. 

4. Oversized Fabric Banners

This medical company is always innovating new solutions to help others, and they often keep track of complicated biological equations on long whiteboards while they work on a new product. However, this room is also home to countless conferences and meetings! They wanted to find a way to keep their notes on the whiteboard while hosting others for meetings. 

Together, we designed an oversized fabric banner to cover whiteboards during conferences or meetings. It was designed to stretch across permanently installed hooks, and the entire piece of fabric sits just off the whiteboard, so as not to erase any of the important equations! 

After the meeting or conference ends, they can easily store the banner away until it’s needed again. 

5. Giant Individual Letters

We’re not strangers to individual lettering, but a local high school came to us with the biggest job yet. These letters are eight feet tall! 

We worked with the school to customize a solution that would stand out in any crowd, yet be lightweight enough to be held up by students and transported around the gymnasium. With letters this big, every pep rally is amazing! 

6. Chalk Box Decals

An entrepreneur we know came to us with a very unique problem. There were no manufacturers of quality writing chalk in his country, the Central African Republic. He had purchased the equipment to make chalk, and the boxes to put it in, but he needed an economical way to brand the boxes.

So we created custom decals for packages of chalk that literally made their way halfway across the globe! Now, kids can write on chalkboards using quality chalk, manufactured in their home country, fueling their creativity and assisting in their education. 

Creating Custom Sign Solutions for All

No matter what your signage needs are in the year ahead, Optima Signs & Graphics can help. Even if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on our service menu, we’d love to hear from you. 

We come to work every day ready to dream up creative signage solutions for our customers, from the smallest decals to the largest exterior installations. We can deliver and install your order, or we can ship it directly to you! 

At Optima Signs & Graphics, the display options truly are endless. Start your next project with us by getting in touch today. 

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